Three Reasons to Restore Your Fiberglass Tools

fiberglass utility ladder repair before and after
Fiberglass utility tools are an investment, which means they are made to last years. However, many companies find themselves stockpiling damaged fiberglass tools in a warehouse. Worse, with the hard conditions linemen work under, the tools can become scratched, compromising the safety of the worker. Here are three reasons to restore your fiberglass tools instead of buying new.

1. Save your company money!

Save up to 50% off the cost of buying new hotarms, hot sticks, ladders and platforms by just keeping your current tools in good condition. Repair professionals are able to assess the problems with your tool, make the fix and test the tool for safety.

2. Keep your workforce safe.

Working in extreme conditions expose your fleet’s tools to problems and can be hazardous to your employees. Be proactive and send your tools in for an inspection. We will wet and dry test your tools to OSHA 1910.269 specifications.

3. Organize your inventory.

Part of the restoration process can include color-coding your tools and custom stamping to keep the right tools on the right truck. Your crews will be able to easily identify their tools which will eliminate lost inventory.